With more than 30 years of experience in the water treatment industry and 40 years in boating, we have seen and tried it all. YachtGUARD® has reliable solutions to common problems boat owners have when it comes to cleaning and operating large vehicles. Whether it’s boats, RVs, trucks, or cars, we have detailing products to care for the polish on your vehicle and care for your filtration systems to make your life simpler.

We manufacture filtration and softening systems specifically designed for boats and RVs, along with premium boat cleaning and detail products. Hard water can wear away at the wax and polish made to protect your vessel, diminishing the protective coat over time, which can cause you to spend more time cleaning your boat than being out on the water.

Since 1991, we have dedicated our services to people who want to spend more time out on the open water rather than cleaning their boats. We stand by Better Water. Better Products. Better Boating. This is the way boating is meant to be. Trust YachtGUARD® for a better time out on the water today.

Mike Waleski, YachtGUARD®  CEO & US Coast Guard Licensed Captain