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YachtGUARD® First Mate

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The YachtGUARD® First Mate is available in many sizes comes with a 5-Micron Pre-filter, which also serves as the chamber where salt is added. We recommend that it be Back washed at least once a month or when the test strips show the unit is depleted, and the included instructions show how easy it is to do. The First Mate Portable Water Softener includes the filter, hardness test strips, inlet and outlet hose adapters. It uses the highest grade of Cation-Exchange Resin. It uses ¾” full-flow piping allowing up to a 12 GPM flow rate with virtually no pressure drop.

The YachtGUARD® Portable Compact Water Conditioners are designed for applications where soft water is desired but a permanent location is not available, such as RV’s and boats. A YachtGUARD® Water Softener delivers constant soft water, which eliminates or reduces hardness. It reduces water spots and can improve the taste and odor of your water. It also increases the life of all water-using fixtures and appliances. With soft water you will use much less soap when washing your vessel. You will spend less time washing and more time on the water.